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Our Wildlife Optimal Remote Monitoring System is a very universal data collection system. We started designing a system to solve a problem for a scientist trying to collect data on a particular species. As we got involved, we realized none of their existing sytems could work together. Through various protypes and field testing, we feel we have a very flexiable system that can help you collect dificult data. And more eficently collect data you may already be working on. What makes our system unlike any other is the interaction between components. You can set one sensor to react to the reading from another. At the moment there are over 100 settings, all done through a simple text file.


One of our early field trials was to take a photo of a taged animal. We set the unit to wait for motion, when detected to take a RFID tag reading, if a tag number was read, to take a photo. All of the motion activations and atempted tag readings are recorded to their own data files (CSV). We know of no other system that can co-ordinate so many sensors.


The base unit has built in motion, temperature and light sensors as well as a 8mp camera. External watertight connectors for digital, analog and I2C sensors. Antenna connector for RFID reader. Power in from solar panel or other DC power source. There is a clear watertight cover over the USB jacks as well as the OLED screen.


All data and photos are saved to a standard USB stick, our unit never erases data.


These units can be configured to collect almost any type of field data not just wildlife. One could be mounted to a bridge to measure the height of the water body below, as well as remote flow and temperature sensors. All data can be logged at your desired intervals. LEDs can be activated to show activity or if a setting is exceeded. Simpy remove the USB stick and download your data, or replace the USB stick and download your data later.


The scale could be mounted under an object to take weight readings at set times, with camera and other sensors activating on their individual schedules.


With our available inputs there is a long list of sensors that can be integrated with your system. Temerature, light, weight, light, speed, PH, distance, RFID, metal, weather, sound. If you need to measure something remotely, there is likly a sensor we can intergrate for you.


We also have a 5v digital output. It can be used to activate other devices. Such as a release on a trap, a remote signaling device. Or any device which will accept a small digital signal. We use the digital out on the sonic distance unit to send a signal to take a measurement, then measure the time to get a response, that is converted to distance.

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